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Contact Witty

stories-waving-poseWitty Ghost lives in the far corner of the Ghost World. It has to smuggle itself to the human world from time to time. The ghost world is dynamic and changes the locations of the houses. So it’s very difficult for witty ghost to provide an address for correspondence. The maximum that it can provide is it’s current address, which is subject to future change.

357X Spook Apartments 13th Floor
Opposite Horrorville Studios
Wicked Street
Ghost World – 000000

(Just take a left from tricky turn number 0)


Goggle Maps haven’t yet increased their capabilities to the Ghost world, so Witty Ghost can’t provide you with a map. However, there is a way to contact the Ghost. Through the contact form below.

In case you would like Witty Ghost to help you with something, then please feel free to fill the formbelow. It may be a query or a request or anything at all. Witty ghost will get back to you as soon as it can.

In case there is something that you would like to bring to witty ghost’s attention, then please do the same. Witty likes to be kept forever on its’ toes. (Or ghost toes, more appropriately)

(Alternatively, you could always mail witty at


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