EXPLOSIVE! Salman Khan Calls Ranbir Kapoor A PUPPY; Rips Him Apart For STEALING EX-GF Katrina Kaif

EXPLOSIVE! Salman Khan Calls Ranbir Kapoor A PUPPY; Rips Him Apart For STEALING EX-GF Katrina Kaif

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There was a time when Salman Khan did a cameo in Ranbir Kapoor’s debut film, Saawariya and Ranbir couldn’t stop praising the Superstar for his sweet gesture. However things went horribly wrong when Ranbir started dating his ex-girlfriend, Katrina Kaif, leaving the Superstar damn furious!

So, as the tradition of ‘Throwback Thursday’ goes, we have brought to you an interesting incident when Salman called Ranbir a ‘puppy’ on national television and insulted him back & forth for stealing his girlfriend, Katrina Kaif!

It all happened during the first episode of “Koffee with Karan” Season 4, when Salman was asked to associate celebs name with an animal and when Karan said ‘puppy’, Salman, instantly took Ranbir’s name, leaving Karan, speechless!
Reminiscing his first with meeting with Ranbir, Salman said, “The first time I met Ranbir he was with a girl. Wonder why he broke up with that girl?.”

When Karan asked Salman, “There’s a paparazzi invasion now. Like when photographs of Katrina (holidaying with Ranbir in Spain) were leaked online.” While poking fun at Ranbir, Salman said, “Ranbir didn’t do that?”

Talking about Ranbir, Salman said “Salman lucky hai ya main?” and when Karan asked what if he wakes up as Katrina, he said, “Where’s Ranbir?”

Salman to Ranbir: Have fun! Karan: Katrina? Salman to Katrina: Make sure he doesn’t have fun! Karan: To Hrithik Roshan? Salman to Hrithik: You stay out of this (hinting at a Hrithik-Katrina closeness).

Talking about his equation with SRK, Salman had said, “It was the holy month of Ramadan. I went up to him and tapped him and we hugged. After that he messaged once, I messaged once and that’s about it. He’s got his own life… I have my own life.”

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