Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

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Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Jumanji is in theaters this weekend. Remember Robbin William’s masterpiece? This installment of the adventurous story is not a spot on it’s

Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle
Hollywood at it again with the usual tacky ploy.
Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

Jumanji is in theaters this weekend. Remember Robbin William’s masterpiece? This installment of the adventurous story is not a spot on it’s predecessor. The film is just another concoction of the most terrible kind of slapstick comedy, being shoved at us shamelessly. The dark and adventurous world of Jumanji, the ominous drums of which would strike fear in our hearts, and the animals of the wild, that would seem more terrifying than our worst nightmares, have been reduced to the predictable banality of a video game. The film will make you laugh, of course. However, it won’t add anything to your life. Jumanji is basically the Judwaa 2 of Hollywood. You can go in expecting nothing and come back with a few happy tears and forget about the film over dinner. Why is it so terrible? Read on:

First, let’s meet the actors:

Dwayne Jhonson as the hot guy

Jack Black as the good comic relief

Karen Gillan as the hot girl

Kevin Hart as the annoying comic relief

Nick Jonas as the younger hot guy

Bobby Cannavale as the villain

Jumanji starts off with the average wide-shot of a suburban house with an adolescent boy listening to metal on his ear-phones, oblivious to the rest of the world. He is gifted with the game of Jumanji, which is now available in a video-game format (just to keep things relevant). Jumanji obviously sucks him in. The rest is bad direction and distasteful slapstick comedy.

Drawing from the same themes of high-school hierarchy that were displayed many years ago by mean girls, Jumanji focuses on an odd group of teens that have no choice but to play together as a team and free themselves from the wild land. It’s a simple task, with a very stereotypical villain and an unrealistic goal. The film is about as predictable as a teen girl with an i-phone.

The actors have absolutely no trouble with acting, since they are playing themselves. The Rock plays the pretty boy on an adventure (as usual). Kevin Hart plays the clown (duh) and Jack Black plays the oddly-interesting comic. There are no twists, the themes are yesteryear and even the premise of the adventure seems thoroughly boring.

You will be laughing throughout the film, because the jokes are worse than those on a scripted reality show. You will never feel excitement or a rush of adrenaline or even a bit of melodrama. (Remember that this was supposed to be an adventure flick).

The screenplay is dull, as is the soundtrack. The only thing that stands out is Jack Black’s acting. It’s a high-school drama, in the wild with Rock as the lead. If that works for you, go ahead and book a ticket. If not, let this one go. You won’t be missing out on anything special. I give it 3/5 (out of pity).

You will like this film if: You like looking at Rock smile

You will dislike this film if: You go in expecting something similar to the earlier film

Best performance: Kevin Hart


  1. Excellent entertaining movie for kids.

  2. Movie is fantastic. 3D effect is not very effective. First jumanji was very nice.

  3. story line is not entertaining “one time watch”

  4. Not interesting theme was totally copied
    waste of time and money.

  5. very interesting movie..

  6. Below average movie … expected more by the name “Jumanji” Robin williams Jumanji was much much more better than this one..

  7. had a wonderful time watching this film…. guys go and have fun with this film… great experience

  8. A spot on review. I would also like to add that this ‘action-adventure’ movie had a LOT of dialogs (cutscenes :P). The millennial concept of ‘safe-spaces’ really hampers the potential of subtle growth of characters in this movie. That, combined with poorly improvised jokes (I hope those were improv at least) and lazy action direction, makes this movie a slack rope to walk on. The middle might have been saggy, but the rest wasn’t too well-off either.

  9. Brilliant performances movie

  10. This review is just promotional garbage. 3 stars is too much. Ordinary film……..

  11. Below average movie …

  12. Excellent movie…I like hollywood movies……

  13. story line is not entertaining “one time watch”

  14. Must watch movie if you are Star Wars Fan

  15. Good action movie…..I went to watch this movie with my son.

  16. I like hollywood movies……

  17. Great movie…..This is by far the best star wars film I have seen in a long time.

  18. The only thing that stands out is Jack Black’s acting.

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