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Dirty Books

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Dirty Books

Dirty Books is a Fitch Fort Films production and was released in Feb 2016. The film is directed by Zachary Lapierre and

Dirty Books
A high school drama, re-packaged
Dirty Books

Dirty Books is a Fitch Fort Films production and was released in Feb 2016. The film is directed by Zachary Lapierre and co-written by Ian Everhart with Mr. Lapierre. It has a runtime of 16 minutes and is a comedy-drama. The film is about a high school student, who doesn’t understand the ramifications of his actions (like all teenagers), when he sets about to attain some popularity. So, is it worth a watch? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Timothy J Cox as Dr. Bradley

Noah Bailey as David Burrough

Dirty Books is about a typical High School nerd who aspires to be popular. He is the head of the school paper and is distraught at the idea of it’s discontinuation. The school newspaper is to be replaced with an online blog. However, David’s stubborness is not replaced by clarity of thought. He is determined to do just about anything to keep the paper alive, even if it means fabricating news. Or even, fabricating events.

Dirty Books is a painfully average film, with the usual ingredients of any high school drama. This ofcourse does not mean that it does not do justice to the genre, since the zenith of teenage dramas is the show, 13 Reasons Why (which is another insult to filmography). However, the writer and director failed to bring anything new to their short film. The same ancient themes of a nerd vying for the attention of the high school elite, and the undervalued status of the physically unattractive student, have been exploited in the movie. The cinematography is generic and the story is uninspiring.

The only thing that salvages the film are the performances. Timothy J Cox as the principle and the voice of reason delivers a stellar performance. His dialogues resonate what any adult feels whilst watching the film. He is believable as the contemporary public grade school Dean and carries himself effortlessly in his role.

Noah Bailey too acts well enough to keep us awake during the film. He carries his character’s opposing personalities very well. He even exhibits the necessary cheesy resistance of a teenage boy. However, his entire act does become a little unidimensional as the film progresses and falls into stereotype too soon.

The film starts strong, opening up multiple storylines, but kills them off after the first 5 minutes and follows an annoying nerd play out his transparent schemes for shallow ends.

If you do want to watch Dirty Books, make sure that you aren’t above the age of 18. It’s an average film. We give it 2.5/5.

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