The Last Jedi

The Last Jedi

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The Last Jedi

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or so tells us the Western World. For movie-buffs though, regardless of religious or cultural orientation,

The Last Jedi
A perfect episode to finish off 2017. Blockbuster.
The Last Jedi

Tis’ the season to be jolly, or so tells us the Western World. For movie-buffs though, regardless of religious or cultural orientation, there really is a reason to rejoice. Star Wars has cornered cinema screens across the globe, with it’s eighth installment, ‘The Last Jedi’. Produced by Disney and LucasFilm and directed by Rian Jhonson, it’s a two and a half hour long space opera designed for a PG-13 audience to go gaga over. Star Wars has become a religion of sorts (some comic-con enthusiasts have even registered it as a religion), and the followers are more enthusiastic for a new film than a priest for midnight mass.

Luke Skywalker makes a come-back in this film, in order to bury us in nostalgia. The new generation of the First Order as well as the Resistance is promising. Equipped with spaceship fights and light saber theatrics, the production team has set up a delectable feast for movie-goers. It’s a must watch for anyone who has, even the vaguest idea of Star Wars. For those of you who don’t, we suggest a quick explanation video on YouTube and then a ticket to ‘The Last Jedi’, this weekend. May the Force be with you.

Before we dive into the details, let’s meet the multitude of actors:

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Late Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke 

Daisy Ridley as Rey 

Adam Driver as Kylo Ren 

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron 

John Boyega as Finn

Kelly Marie Tran as Rose Tico 

Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata

Laura Dern as Vice Admiral Holdo 

Benicio Del Toro as DJ 

Star Wars was an enigma when the first film came out in 1977. People were enthralled with c3Po and all the space monsters. Storm Troopers became a rage and the whole Star Wars universe became the ultimate fantasy that the audience was ever exposed to. Crushes over Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were common as coal and a whole generation grew up with Chewbacca stuff toys. However, things are different in 2017. Today, we have seen almost every manner of science fiction. From superhero flicks to ET. Films of humans in space doesn’t seem out-worldly. The magic of the silver screen doesn’t allure a younger audience as it did the older. For a film to now be successful, and a film like ‘The Last Jedi’, which has a legacy (or baggage), of seven previous films, created over 4 decades is extremely challenging.

It took Rian Jhonson’s directional genius, along with a healthy mix of an old and new cast to make the whole thing work like a charm. This film is truly one of the finest that the Star Wars franchise has produced. It is driven around the story, doesn’t allow a single dull moment and gives enough space for all the adrenaline rushes that will consume you throughout the movie. The idea of a space odyssey was always to make the viewer feel like they themselves were on an intergalactic trip and that is precisely what ‘The Last Jedi’ allows.

The film follows multiple storylines that eventually coalesce. Rey goes off to seek Jedi training from Luke Skywalker himself. Who is reluctant to impart any of his teachings and has become very Yoda-like himself (incomprehensible and stout). The Resistance is being headed by General Organa and Vice Admiral Holdo, who try to hold the fort while fighter pilot Poe Dameron channels a Han Solo and perpectually experiments with convention. The First Order now has a new-fangled ‘tracking system’, which allows them to be two steps ahead of the Resistance. Finn and Rose Tico (the most adorable couple in space) are sent to remedy the issue by finding a hacker who might help their cause.

On the other side of the Force, Kylo Ren is becoming very Vader-like. He telepathically connects with Rey and tries to persuade her over to the Dark side. He vehemently disregards the legacy of Vader and is of the opinion that the only way to succeed is to dismiss the past.

The rest is routine. A casino full of space creatures, a damaged star-ship with a boisterous captain, a light-saber war in the snow on an unnamed planet and a shocking disclosure of parentage. A show-down between the master and the disciple. The allure of the Dark side, rivaled only by a childishly innocent hope in the Force. The formula works even after 40 years.

A few squeals of joy are guaranteed, as are a few solemn moments. The climax is very exciting and leaves us wanting more. The film takes its time to establish the plot and then unwinds playfully in the hands of its’ competent director Rian Jhonson. He has helped establish the current Star Wars trilogy as a Force to be reckoned with (pun intended). The performances are witty and vigorous. Right from Mark Hamill catapulting off rocks to a coy Rose Tico eyeing Finn, they all add their personality to the film. The finest performances are delivered by the trio, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill, as was expected. The performances that let us down were that of John Boyega and Benicio Del Toro, making theirs’ the weakest storyline. These actors really need to improve on their screen presence. The newest addition to the cast, Kelly Marie Tran is the one we would like to see more of.

In summary, it’s a very entertaining film. Given that the age-range of the Star Wars fanclub shows wide variation, ‘The Last Jedi’, might even qualify as a family film. The plot is cohesive, the visuals are on point and the sound track is rightly other-worldly. To top it all off, Chewbacca also has a moral epiphany. Make sure to catch this one in theaters. I give it 4/5.

You will like this film if: You’ve ever been a fan of the Star Wars franchise

You will dislike this film if: You think all sci-fi films are nonsense 

Best Performance: Mark Hamill


  1. This is by far the best star wars film I have seen in a long time. Brilliant performances, great direction.

  2. The soundtrack was so jarring. That was a major issue with the film.

  3. Juat like they have said in this review, it was obviously very difficult for the makers to create a sequel to a film thay first came out in 1977. Must watch.

  4. This review is just promotional garbage. 4 stars is too much. The Last Jedi doesn’t deserve more than 2 stars. Ordinary film.

  5. I went to watch this movie with my son. He seemed to like it a lot. It’s good that the producers are trying to come up with something new in an established saga.

  6. Ordinary film

  7. Must watch movie if you are Star Wars Fan

  8. awesome movie must watch

  9. Brilliant performances movie

  10. Good action movie…..I went to watch this movie with my son….

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