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Justice League

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Justice League

Justice League is in theaters this weekend. DC fans (the minority that they are proving to become), are full of hope. After

Justice League
The film is like it's comic book. Juvenile and cheesy. Entertaining nevertheless.
Justice League

Justice League is in theaters this weekend. DC fans (the minority that they are proving to become), are full of hope. After a very critical response to it’s previous installment (Batman v/s Superman), Warner Brothers and DC comics decided to up their game. This time, they’ve bet 300 million dollars on a happier DC verse which gives it’s nerdy audience exactly what it wants. This time, DC incorporates a little bit of Marvel’s film strategies and a more streamline story (Less Zach Snyder and more Disney). However, will this experiment work in their favour? In terms of either box office success or even critical acclaim. Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Ben Affleck as Batman

Henry Cavill as Superman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Ezra Miller as Flash

Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Ciaran Hinds as Steppenwolf

Just as a film can only be as good as the novel from which it is inspired, a superhero film can only be as good as it’s comicbook. The truth about Justice League is that it’s an easily likeable superhero film. The film is well set in the modern day superhero flick format. A group of warriors, the end of the world, cheesy one-liners and dry wit. Sound familiar? Marvellous.

The movie begins on a grim note. We are reminded that Superman no longer flies Earth’s blue skies (which are soon to turn red). Steppenwolf, a new alien maniac is set to turn Earth into a hell hole. The Batman, decides to formulate a league of heroes to unify in the fight against this demon. A lot of persuasion and a lot of dramatic displays of power from each of the members formulate the first half of the movie. The rest isn’t too complicated either.

Justice League falters in two main areas. Firstly, it has transformed the brooding, righteous characters from DC Comics into teenagers with sarcasm and dry humor (which is the target audience of today). Secondly, the story is as predictable as a cat with a ball of yarn. The makers knew that the only way this film would survive, is if they would make it a crowd-pleaser and stop chasing after cinematic artistry. For these two reasons, Justice League is an utter mess, but you’ll have a good time watching it. You can hoot when they zoom in on Batman sitting gargoyle-like atop a construction tower. Or you could feel weak in the knees when Wonder Woman smiles at you, with absolutely no regard for the fourth wall.

The other issue which irked our senses was the terrible background score. At places of necessity, the background score was absent, and was nothing but a musical blur at other times. What is a superhero flick without a heavy, pumping musical score? An average superhero flick.

The reasons to watch this film include Wonder Woman talking in her Amazonian accent, Henry Cavill’s and Jason Momoa’s shirtless shots, the moment when Flash is met with his speed equal, and the CGI. Ben Affleck as Batman doesn’t seem so bad in this film. Although, we really would like it if he would bring a little more charisma to our favourite DC hero.

In summary, Justice League is an average superhero flick. It isn’t a masterpiece, or a pioneer. It won’t kick-start your emotions like Logan, and it won’t be as impactful as Thor. It’s no Dark Knight and cannot compare with Wonder Woman (the standalone film). You will have fun watching it though, since it has all the typical ingredients to please the DC nerd within us. If I may say so, Justice league is a Hollywood masala film. However, it most certainly is only a one time watch. A film with CGI like this demands a watch in the theater, so don’t wait for this one at home. If you are, or have ever been a DC fan, go watch Justice League. If not, let it be. I give it 3.5/5.

You will like this film if: You liked Man Of Steel and Batman v/s Superman

You will dislike this film if: You go in expecting something like the Dark Knight Trilogy

Best performance: Henry Cavill

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