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Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Simran’, released this Friday, and we are all very curious. The film’s trailer was playfully attractive and so was the

Kangana is great, the film, not so much.

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Simran’, released this Friday, and we are all very curious. The film’s trailer was playfully attractive and so was the after-trailer, the AIB video starring the ‘Queen’ herself. Hansal Mehta, Bhushan Kumar and Apurva Asrani put their minds together, identified the real-life case of Sandeep Kaur (aka Bombshell Bandit), and identified the only actress crazy enough to act in their unique comedy-drama. The film is shot entirely in the US and revolves around a hopeless protagonist and the comedy in petty crime. ‘Simran’, is two hours of an HD camera, constantly on a brilliant Kangana Ranaut. Sadly, the film itself cannot be called brilliant. The question however remains, is ‘Simran’ a good option for you this weekend? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Kangana Ranaut as Praful Patel

Sohum Shah as Kangana’s love interest

Simran is based on the real life story of Ms. Sandeep Kaur, a bank robber by force, and a nurse by choice. During the summer of 2014, Kaur began robbing banks across the US. However, she wasn’t a criminal mastermind, but an amateur, who would search for strategies of robbery on YouTube and buy cheap wigs from general stores for disguise. Kaur’s story unfolded as a ridiculous crime drama, replete with all the elements of a Hindi movie. Bank robberies, a troubled home, a high-speed car chase and a satisfying conclusion. The makers were right to choose such an interesting topic for their film, however, they couldn’t make the film as gripping as the original case.

Simran is a good attempt of breaking out of the mold. The characters are rightly flawed, the screenplay although it contains melodrama, does not dwell on it. The subject is distant yet relatable. It is the tone of the movie that fails Simran. The film is either always too realistically intense or simply boring. Kangana may have acted well and the story may have been tight, but during no time in the film will you be able to connect to the character of Praful Patel.

You will not feel sorry for her when she is beaten to a pulp and you will not feel relieved when she comes into much needed money. The film, even though is well made, doesn’t make you feel anything. The humour is very dry and subtle, which us masala-accustomed Indians, might acknowledge, but do not appreciate. The setting of the US, adds only to the general feeling of alienation in the film. Another issue to address is, that no character other that the heroine is layered. They all seem like props in a play, limited characters with no direction. The makers can’t expect Kangana to act for everyone now.

Kangana Ranaut has acted marvelously well. She is the lynch-pin of the film in every-possible way. No other actress of the current set could have done the job as well as she has. She remains well in character at all times and brings some required lunacy to the movie. Sohum Shah as the fiancee, is just adequate. He brings some balance to the unhinged energy of Kangana’s character. However, whoever wrote his dialogues should very well be prosecuted. In one instance, the boy says ‘Sampoorna Swabhaav’. Whoever was in-charge of dialogues needs to return to this century.

All in all, ‘Simran’ is a well made film, with a good screenplay, cinematography and direction. The story is solid and so are the performances, however, it isn’t at all interesting. Simply realistic or truthfully, just bland. If you look for entertainment in the film, don’t buy a ticket. Also, the film really did need a few more one-liners and improve on it’s comic timing if it wanted to qualify as a comedy. If not essential, maybe you could skip this one (I mean, it isn’t as though ‘hum aur humare baap ke paas duniya-bhar ka paisa hai). We give it 2.5/5.

You will like this film if: You can watch any film with Kangana in it

You will dislike this film if: You require a film to give you some sort of entertainment

Best performance: Kangana (surprise!)


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