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Judwaa 2

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Judwaa 2

Judwaa 2 is in theaters this weekend! David Dhawan with his super-star lad, Varun Dhawan make a comeback with their endeavour to

Judwaa 2
This remake could not have been better. Varun Dhawan at his illogically-entertaining best.
Judwaa 2

Judwaa 2 is in theaters this weekend! David Dhawan with his super-star lad, Varun Dhawan make a comeback with their endeavour to re-create Salman Bhai’s magic from the original 1997 Judwaa. Neither Judwaa, nor Judwaa 2 are a product of their indigenous imaginations. They are both ‘inspired’ from Jackie-Chan’s ‘Twin Dragons’ (but who cares). The songs are the same, the dances are the same. The story is the same. It claims to be a cracking action-comedy that will entertain you to the fullest. So did the father-son duo do a good job with this one? Is it worth your weekend? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Varun Dhawan as the hero

Jacqueline Fernandez as heroine 1

Taapsee Pannu as heroine 2

The truth about a film like Judwaa 2 is that it has a very specific target audience. Audience that doesn’t really care about logic, intensity of emotion or even a factual or engaging story. An audience that simply wants to be entertained and one that enjoys the frivolity of the world that Dhawan creates (Basically more than half of India). And of course, even though all the critic websites are so appalled by this ‘unimaginative’, ‘sexist’, ‘illogical’, piece of cinema; we truly did need to book tickets for the film in advance (the movie hall was jam-packed).

The action-comedy begins with the birth of twins and ends with the re-uniting of twins. Varun Dhawan is Prem and Raja. Taapsee is the Premika and Jacqueline is the Rani. Too much need not be said about the story, which even the most stiff-nosed millennials are obviously familiar with. The twins have connected reflexes, are opposites on the personality spectrum and live vastly dissimilar lives. A little fate, a little illogicality and a little over-the-top dialogue and drama. What more do you need to enjoy yourself for two-odd hours.

Varun Dhawan plays Salman Khan. He really does look the part. He acts well and can really replicate some of Bhai’s antics. He plays Prem, the softy and Raja, the thug. Since ‘thuglife’ is more preferred by our generation, people might like the typical macho Bollywood hero, Raja a little more than the shy and demure ‘Prem’. Varun Dhawan spouts all his cheesy dialogues which such confidence that you may actually find yourself laughing at ‘meri behenon ki chittyian kalayiaan’. It’s entertaining to watch Varun Dhawan forgo all shame and act absolutely absurdly. Takes guts to do what he does with such effortless charm.

Jacqueline and Taapsee act out the typical ‘dumb-heroine-with-a-limited-role’ stint. They both nail their parts. Taapsee in an illogical comedy is a first for a Bollywood audience. She does it really well. Jacqueline of-course, is a professional at this kind of thing.

What follows is the usual comedy of errors which must ensue when two twins with two hot babes living in the same city are unaware of each other’s existence. We could not contain our laughter. Not a second is dull and your eyes will be glued to the cheerful and colourful screen throughout the film. However, don’t try and make any sense of it. Simply accept that this sort of medical condition exists and simply accept that overly jolly yet emotional people who can understand hindi populate all of London.

Rajpal Yadav, Jhonny Lever, Anupam Kher and Upasana Singh play minor roles and help light-up the screen. A good thing about Judwaa 2, is that even though it takes the brain of a pigeon to understand the plot and the crass one-liners, they have still managed to make it fun. The film is an insult to our intelligence, but it also indulges our banal tastes. You won’t be wondering about physics when Varun Dhawan descends from a twenty foot height hanging from a thin metal chain, you’ll simply be hooting at the flamboyant entry with the rest of the crowd.

What we don’t like about Judwaa 2, is it’s repetitiveness. A few jokes, even though hilarious are repeated more than we’d like in the film. (For example, Rajpal Yadav’s stammering is over-exploited for cheap thrills more than once). Also, the cinematography was very generic. It could have been a little more realistic. Otherwise, the direction is tried and tested, the performances are worthy of praise, and the soundtrack is jarring yet exciting.

Whether you must watch Judwaa 2 over the weekend is a no-brainer. Its good wholesome, David Dhawan brand entertainment cinema. If you aren’t the kind to appreciate Govinda, Dhawan and Varun’s antics, don’t even think about a ticket unless you want a headache. If you’ve enjoyed Dhawan’s earlier films, you’ll enjoy Judwaa 2 as well. We give it 3.5.

You will like this film if: you liked Judwaa, Main Tera Hero, Dhishoom

You will dislike this film if: you only enjoy cinema that must make sense, isn’t jarring and is realistic

Best performance: Varun Dhawan



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