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A Gentleman

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A Gentleman

The new film this Friday is Raj & DK’s ‘A Gentleman’. The film is an action-comedy, made with an ample budget of

A Gentleman
It's fun, fast and entertaining. A major upgrade on the usual mindless Bollywood comedies.
A Gentleman

The new film this Friday is Raj & DK’s ‘A Gentleman’. The film is an action-comedy, made with an ample budget of 40 crore, starring Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez in lead roles. The film is produced by Fox Star Studios and music by Sachin-Jigar. The cast itself may prove to be a downer for cinema enthusiasts, leave alone the tricky genre of action-comedy (which is only entertaining when it is done absolutely right). Infact, A Gentleman has little going for it in terms of face-value. However, the film is a pleasant surprise. It’s the kind of film you wouldn’t regret watching. But why are we so positive? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Sidharth Malhotra as Mr. Sarva-Gun-Sampan

Jacqueline Fernandez as the babe

Suniel Shetty as the bad guy

Darshan Kumar as an additional bad guy

The film starts with Mr. Gaurav Perfect Sharma (Sidharth Malhotra), checking into his newly purchased home. The six-foot tall neat freak desires the conventional domestic paradise that is the stuff of a 90’s Hollywood film. He makes sure that everything is in order and top-notch. Including the fiery girl (Jacqueline), he has his eye on. However, Jacquline wants a little ‘macho’ in her man. On the flip side of this story we are introduced to theoretical boy of her dreams, who lives in a different city, under a different name, but of course has the same face. Rishi is a trained assassin who is fed up of getting blood on his hands.

The film plays see-saw with the two versions of Sidharth Malhotra in the first half. Jumping from Miami to Mumbai on whim. It takes its own sweet time to establish it’s characters and their back-stories. However, the confusion of the first half is worth the entertaining second half. Raj & DK have managed to create a charming action-comedy. The film has a good if not brilliant story and all the details are tight and well connected, the songs don’t seem stuffed between the scenes, and barring the obvious far-fetched extent of fiction, the plot seems plausible to our mediocre minds. (Yes, we were surprised too)

Sidharth does not deliver a meaty performance. His double role does not blow us away, but we do believe that he has come a long way from his Student Of The Year days. In a few years, people won’t be as apprehensive about buying tickets for a film with him in the lead, as they are today. His obvious amusement at a hair-brained Jacquline and his composure in a shower of bullets is commendable. He performs the action component of this action-comedy very well. The comedy was left to the side-kicks and supporting actors (which was probably for the best). You will laugh though, when he channels his inner Kumar Sanu. The actor even manages to shake his leg well-enough to rival Jacquline’s killing pole-dance. This film should most definitely serve as the actor’s well needed break.

Jacqueline plays (yet again) the hair-brained babe with a few tricks up-her imaginary sleeves. She’s always been stellar in this role. A case of typecasting, but enjoyable none the less.

Suniel Shetty and Darshan Kumar play the bad guys. The directors here, could not restrict themselves to the coolness of a Hollywood film. Raj & DK created the typical, gun-wielding, broody, intense and dangerous bad-guys. The actors have acted well in the stereotypical roles that were written for them. Darshan Kumar could have made a more challenging adversary if his character wasn’t written in such a reckless manner.

The one disappointment we have with ‘A Gentleman’, is it’s comedy. A few twirks with the gags and comic timing and we would gladly give the film the four stars that it could have easily achieved. Also, if Sidharth’s acting was a little more polished, A Gentleman would be a good film to recommend to friends and family. The film is light-hearted, with a few guaranteed laughs. It’s fast paced without a dull moment. The twists are there and so is a satisfying climax. It’s entertainment cinema, but entertainment cinema done right. Also, the film foregos all the melodrama that directors in Bollywood keep forcing down our throats. Happiness is simple and danger is not exaggerated. Just the way millennials like it.

The songs are good, the direction is superb, we aren’t particular fans of the repetitive and unimaginative comedy, but the story is well written (turning a blind eye to very obvious Hollywood inspirations), and the actors have done a good, if not fantastic job. The real hero of the film is the script and screenplay. It’s a fun film to watch over the weekend. Infact, apart from one steamy minute-long scene, it can even serve as a family film. Not a bad option this Sunday. We give it 3.5/5.

You will like this film if: You liked Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahaani, Dhoom 2

You will dislike this film if: You need over-the-top melodrama to satisfy your filmy soul

Best performance: Sidharth Malhotra


  1. I heard there are offensive fat shaming, racist, and homophobic jokes in the movie?

    1. No, not really. Nothing that stands out.

  2. Adorable movie…

  3. #SidharthMalhotra always rock..

  4. Complete waste of time n money…

  5. Awesome movie 👌 👌 👌

  6. Really nice movie…… Guys don”t miss it..

  7. One time watch movie..

  8. Trash bad movie…

  9. superb outstanding..very nice chemistry..excellent job..motivate to watch more than once…

  10. Very nice movie…

  11. excellent Movie….

  12. Timepass movie….

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