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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has finally reached theaters and the excitement in DC comic book enthusiasts is almost palpable. Gal Gadot, the 2004 Miss

Wonder Woman
Gal is one hell of a Wonder Woman, and vice-versa. The film is stellar, don't miss this one.
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has finally reached theaters and the excitement in DC comic book enthusiasts is almost palpable. Gal Gadot, the 2004 Miss Israel (who has also served two years in the Israeli Army), is furiously gorgeous in her red and blue armor and the DC Universe is dark and righteously powerful (even more than usual). The film is directed by the beautiful and talented Patty Jenkins, a decorated Fighter Pilot for the US Air Force. The director, the story-character and the Hollywood star are all women of substance. It’s a match made in Themysciran Heaven. Feminists all over the world are rejoicing.

We watched Wonder Woman and were absolutely floored. It’s been a considerable while since Hollywood produced a good superhero flick. The last time angsty righteousness seemed ever so right, was in the Dark Knight Trilogy. While this Wonder Woman flick isn’t as mesmerizing, it is your next best bet. But why is it a must watch? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Gal Gadot as Princess Diana (Wonder Woman)

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

Robin Wright as General Antiope

Connie Nielson as Queen Hippolyta

Elena Anaya as Doctor Isabel Maru

David Thewlis as Sir Patrick

The idea of Wonder Woman is ingenious. She is what Superman is to men. The ultimate symbol of female power. A gorgeous woman, who is on a mission to protect the world from evil-doers. Her beauty exceeded only by her ferocious skills as a warrior. She is a lethal weapon, but is pure and honest and knows where and when to employ her efforts. To quote the comic book, ‘The world does not deserve her’.

The story revolves around Princess Diana (Wonder Woman), trying to cultivate her powers as a warrior and finding a purpose for herself. The warrior, grows up in Themyscira, an island which is shielded from the rest of the world by a olden enchantment. It is the home of the Amazons, warrior women who were created by the Lord, to bring peace to humans tormented by war. When World War II finally reaches the shores of their land, Diana decides to venture out and put an end to all the suffering.

However, her idea of how she must end the war is very different and may not be entirely conducive to reason. With Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), she sets out into the world of men, with the Lasso of Truth, the courage of a lioness and the naivety of a six-year old. Soon she realises though, that this would not be enough and forces, much darker than fathomable await her.

Gal Gadot is so very appropriate as Wonder Woman, it’s almost uncanny. She really is, the complete package. As wondrous as she looks in her red and blue armour, she looks no less the superhero in a hat and raincoat. The actress is sharp, brilliant and very captivating. She successfully carries the weight of the film on her shoulders. In the scene, when she is first introduced to London, she seems so astonished and alienated, with her eyes widened in quiet curiosity, that you would find yourself believing in her Amazonian heritage. The action sequences are also beautifully choreographed. She is at all times, alert and unwavering, but is also careful. Her concern is never to create a spectacle of her heroism, but is always to prevent the unnecessary loss of lives.

Chris Pine, even though he had a role secondary to the lead (we can hear the feminists screaming with joy), adds the necessary spark to the film. He maintains a certain amount of realism to this other-worldly story. His character is also written with the same amount of honour and integrity as is Wonder Woman’s. He is intelligent, swift and sarcastic. All things a self-confident female finds attractive. (Clever move by the director). The other actors are also well directed and have performed in an appropriate manner. Making sure never to overshadow Gal Gadot, whilst continuing to be relevant in the film.

The screenplay is worthy of praise. Although the story arc is that of a typical superhero flick, the little twists allow Wonder Woman’s story to stand out. After all, the film is an origin story for the female superhero, and must be exciting as well as explanatory. The writers have ensured both. The cinematography is well done, and so is the editing. The film lasts longer than the typical Hollywood movie, but we can’t complain. Not a minute seems unnecessary or like a drag. On the downside, the background score was subtle, and could have been a little more powerful.

If you have some time this weekend, go and watch Wonder Woman. There is a fair chance that you will leave the theater feeling either empowered, inspired or just delighted in general. If you are looking to save a few bucks, the 3D really seemed unnecessary, so you could opt for a 2D show. However, Wonder Woman remains a must watch. We give it 4/5.

You will like this film if: You like the idea of superhero cinema

You will dislike this film if: You think that comic books do not deserve to be made into movies

Best performance: Gal Gadot


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