Despicable Me 3

Despicable Me 3

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Despicable Me 3

Gru and the gang have sneaked their way back to theaters, 5 years after their last heist. We’re all despicably excited. Universal

Despicable Me 3
Despicable Me 3

Gru and the gang have sneaked their way back to theaters, 5 years after their last heist. We’re all despicably excited. Universal Films re-enters the game with it’s most successful franchise. The last time we saw Gru, he was an AVL agent. For those of you who missed the previous flick, you must remember his attempt to capture the moon in the original movie. Whatever the case, Despicable Me has always left us entertained and cheerful. Despicable Me 3, has all the characters from the previous film, with the addition of Bad Boy Balthazar Bratt and Dru. However, it is possible that you may not be as pleased with this film. Despicable Me 3, if we are very truthful, is just short of being despicable (and not in a good way). So be very careful if you plan to book tickets for the weekend. Despicable Me 3 isn’t for everyone. Why? Read on.

Firsy, let’s meet the actors:

Steve Carell as Gru (also as Dru)

Kristen Wiig as Lucy Wilde

Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt

Agnes, Edith and Margo

And of course, millions of minions

To those of you who haven’t watched a single Despicable Me movie, we are positive that you shouldn’t waste your time on this one. If anything, you could watch the original movie on your television screens. That will provide you with much more entertainment than this third installment. To those who have watched the first two films, we wouldn’t lie, this one is a disappointment.

The film revolves around the ever villainous Gru, with his newfound love, Lucy Wilde, trying to accustom himself to the AVL (Anti-Villain-League), however all his efforts are in vain. He wonders whether villainy is his true calling. Opportunity knocks on Gru’s bald head in the form of a butler with a message from a long-lost member of his family. Also, the minions continue being a reckless comic relief.

The issue with Despicable Me 3 is it’s banality. Not a single gag is original. The film is simply a series of butt-related jokes and traditional Hollywood mush. Also, one of the basics of creating a sequel lies in escalation. In the first film, Gru attempted to steal the moon. In this film, he struggles to save Hollywood. Too much of a downgrade if you ask us.

Also, the makers have been lousy with their screenplay. The minions have been given far too little screen time and their antics have not been revised. The girls deserved to have grown up a little and acquired new elements in their personalities. Honestly, till when can they capitalize on Agnes’s puppy dog eyes. The villain seems less treacherous and more comical than required. Also, for lack of a better word, the subplot is pretty dull. Gru, Agnes and Lucy keep the film mildly exciting. The rest is just crass humor and a poor story-line. Something a five-year old could think of.

However, in case you have children around the age of six, the film will still agree with them a great deal. If you are a teenager, or in your early twenties, you might still be able to find some humor in it. A day over twenty five, and you are bound to get bored before the interval. Although, one thing which holds true across age groups, is that you will forget the film as soon as you walk out of the hall. There is absolutely nothing memorable about Despicable Me 3.

On the brighter side, the visual effects are well executed. The background score is well done. Nothing is exaggerated and we won’t complain about the editing either. However, we believe that you could miss this one, in case you aren’t hell-bent on catching a show. We give it 3/5. (One star, solely for Agnes. Yes, we’re suckers for her puppy dog eyes too)

You will like this film if: You don’t care about anything as long as you get to see a bunch of Minions dancing around, or if you’re new to the franchise.

You will dislike this film if: You go in expecting something as good as the earlier two films

Best performance: Gru (Steve Carell)


  1. Millions of Minions haha

  2. Nice movie…

  3. Nice movie. My kid enjoyed it. Personally i felt this version did not came as strong as previous version. Introduction of Grus brother was something different from emotional point of view. Overall entertaining movie.

  4. My kid enjoyed this movie..its very entertaining…go and watch it..

  5. The character visual’s are really amazing and the movie is too funny and it is surely a family picture..The kids would love it..

  6. A nice entertaining movie to be watched along with kids…

  7. Outstanding movie

  8. Must will like this movie…because is very entertaining an animated movie…

  9. Minions worth it. 3*…its awesome movie..

  10. Only one time watch movie…

  11. Nice comedy movie…

  12. I love also love this film…

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