Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge

Johnny Depp as ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow, is back on the silver screen, and sadly, maybe even for the last time. From what

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge
Not too savvy.
Pirates Of The Caribbean

Johnny Depp as ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow, is back on the silver screen, and sadly, maybe even for the last time. From what we have gathered, after the failure of it’s fourth installment, ‘On Stranger Tides’, this fifth movie was quite difficult to roll out. Disney wasn’t at all in a mood to play fast and loose with it’s cash on our beloved scalawags. Infact, the production fifth installment was fraught with difficulties, owing largely to economic uncertainty. However, the film still managed to take up finite form and here it is, being played in the movie theaters, with a budget of a thundering 230 million dollars.

We know that POC fans are very excited, even after the disappointment of the previous film. But is Pirates Of The Caribbean: Salazar’s Revenge even any good at all? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Johnny Depp as ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow

Geoffrey Rush as Hector Barbossa

"Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" Film - 2017
Javier Bardem as Capitaan Salazar

Kevin McNally as Mr. Gibbs

Brenton Thwaites as Henry Turner

Kaya Scodelario as Carina Smyth

(Orlando Bloom as Will Turner and Kiera Knightley as Elizabeth Swan also make special appearances)

In a nutshell, every POC film relies on the same basic ingredients. A bunch of blundering idiots, who are jubilantly reckless, pit against the orderly and strong Royal British Fleet. These pirates, a dying breed, appeal to us, because they live out our dreams on screen. Unlike superheroes or detectives, they don’t particularly have any skills or powers and yet manage to embark on the wildest of adventures. They smile their way through havoc, but always get away, only by the skin of their teeth. And then of course, the enigma named Jack Sparrow never ceases to amaze us. Never falling short of wit, but always falling short of rum. Pair this with a stubborn Elizabeth Swan and a naive Will Turner, and everything seems, well, Savvy.

In this movie however, things weren’t as exciting even though all the basic themes and characters were present. Truth be told, the film wasn’t anything more than a simple re-telling of the first film, ‘Curse Of The Black Pearl’. The fundamental to remember whilst crafting a sequel, is to best the previous film in terms of adventure and create considerable momentum. POC: Salazar’s Revenge was deficient in both aspects.

It’s a good watch, but nothing was particularly new or memorable. They used bits and pieces from the old films and created a crumbling story line. For example, at this stage, an army of undead which cannot tread on land, really isn’t going to cut it. What they needed as the enemy force, was probably Calypso having made an ‘accord’ with the British or something like that. The scriptwriters really did mess this one up. Even the climax wasn’t as eventful as we have grown accustomed to.

The story follows young Henry Turner and maiden Carina Smyth, in search for the trident of Poseidon. Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa are very obviously interested and there is an army of the undead in the background. That is about it. One interesting aspect though, is that we are finally given a glimpse of the origins of Captain Jack. (However, we believe that this uncomplicated things a little more than we would like). Other than that, it’s just pirate gimmicks and regular rum-worthy humour.

Depp, Rush and McNally are brilliant as always. They maintain the supremacy that Pirates Of The Caribbean has in the Disney film universe. They are exceedingly accurate in their roles. The addition to this trio, was Javier Bardem. An accomplished actor, whom most would have seen playing the heartless villain in James Bond’s ‘Skyfall’. His acting was absolutely on-point. He was fierce and even adequately comical, as is demanded of a Disney film villain. However, he wasn’t given too much material to work with, which is a shame.

Brenton Thwaites and Kaya Scodelario are apparently the new Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, but with less than half the intensity or chemistry. Although, we do see potential, and the duo may give better performances in the future, if given a chance.

All in all, it’s worse than either of the first three films, but is better than the fourth. For those who haven’t watched all four movies, it’s an average film which gives you two hours of entertainment, but doesn’t leave you with anything memorable. The dialogues are typical and routine, the story-line is half baked and the film relies a little too much on it’s heritage. On the bright side, the cinematography and special effects are perfect. Captain Jack is in his element and the film ensures that you do not look away from the screen at any time. It will leave you in a jolly mood, just like a drunk pirate. We give it 3/5.

You will like this film if: You don’t really care about anything else as long as Jack Sparrow is bumbling around with a bottle of rum.

You will dislike this film if: You need to your films to adhere to logic.

Best Performance: Johnny Depp


  1. Jhonny Depp is again fresh stunts visual and story are ok overall movie is entertaining…

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  6. Jhonny depp is again fresh stunts visual and story are ok overall movie is entertaining…

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    What Bahubali did for me with its last stunt, this movie did with the first. You know what I’m talking about…

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