Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhania

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Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhania is here! And we cannot contain our excitement. Three years ago, Humpty Dharma Ki Dulhaniya made us swoon and

Badrinath Ki Dulhania
Badrinath and Vaidehi leave us wanting more
Badrinath Ki Dulhania

Badrinath Ki Dulhania is here! And we cannot contain our excitement. Three years ago, Humpty Dharma Ki Dulhaniya made us swoon and laugh and cry all at once. It was fresh, uncomplicated and unapologetic. We loved Varun, we loved Alia, it was a ball. This year, Dharma Productions is back with the second installment if their ‘Ki Dulhaniya’ franchise, with our favourite dulha and dulhania. This time our Dulha is Badrinath Bansal from Jhansi, who speaks like a stereotypical UP-ite but has the same infectious smile that Humpty Sharma did. The director is the same, the actors are the same, the production house is the same. But did they deliver the same amount of fun and entertainment as their previous creation? Read on.

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Varun Dhawan as Badrinath

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Alia Bhatt as the Dulhaniya 

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya is about ‘Badri’, the well meaning slacker who daydreams all day about a pretty bird that caught his eye at the wedding of a friend. He wanders from city to city to convince this bonnie lass to marry him and is obviously deep in love. However, what is a love story without a routine set of issues that deter the protagonists from realising their happily ever after. The movie preaches on women empowerment, the social evil of dowry and the subtleties of power play within the average Indian joint family. (However, no time during its preaching about social evils does it allow us to feel bored, lectured or exasperated). These hindrances in Badri’s way prove to make a fairly good script for the director to weave his magic. Will Badri get his Dulhaniya? Will they go through heartbreak? Will there be another element in the relationship? That is the basic storyline.

The film is entertaining, there is not one dull moment and one really does feel the love (to a lesser extent than we did in Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya, but still in a good amount). You will laugh and cry and feel warm and fuzzy feelings. The film relies on the basic romcom formula and doesn’t experiment too much, but it is still fresh. The director and the actors haven’t at all lost their touch. This film is also a remarkably good sequel (given that most sequels are nothing but mindless repetitions)

Varun Dhawan plays Badri. He effortlessly exudes the baseless confidence of a privileged male from a rich family. He spends his days as a debt collector and is very happy with himself. Varun Dhawan is the heart of this film. He is perfect as the boy who has lost hope, the local Huckleberry Finn, the lovesick teen and the innocent little boy with the bafflingly high sense of morale. He plays all these parts very well. The time when he mistakenly calls a ‘Kimono’ a ‘Kamino’ is as precious as watching a puppy search the garden for a bone that is tied to its own tail. Mr. Dhawan certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Alia Bhat, the Princess of Bollywood (If not the Queen, since that title is already taken),  is charming and meticulously brilliant in her role. She captures the essence of the women who fight for respect above all else in a relationship. She plays a fierce, fiery and focused Vaidehi. She is Badrinath Ki Dulhania.  Sub-par acting is not what you can expect from Alia. However, it was Varun Dhawan who took the cake in this film. He unintentionally overshadowed Alia, which in itself is an achievement.

The film also stays true to it’s predecessor. The trio of Humpty, Poplu and Shonty reunite for Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. The obligatory Arijit Singh track is there. Some of the dialogues come close to nostalgia, like when Alia says to Varun, ‘Aaj smart lag rahe ho’. The direction is good. The storyline is progressive, sure it’s not absolute dynamite, but it’s heart is in the right place. Was it as good as Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya? Sadly, no. But it came pretty close. The direction, acting and cinematography were all well executed. Being a low budget film, we can’t see why it isn’t a clear hit at the box-office.

If you know a girl who loves sentimental chick-flicks, or if you are that very girl yourself, do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. If you love unadulterated Bollywood masala entertainment, go watch Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. It’s a good romcom and an entertaining film. I give it 3.5/5.

You will like this film if: You love Varun Dhawan or like entertaining Bollywood masala rom-coms or if you liked Humpty Sharma ki Dulhaniya 

You will dislike this film if: Your idea of a film involves a lot of thinking, gore or action or if you are generally the kind of person who only watches short films from the short-list at Cannes

Best performance: Varun Dhawan 


  1. Boring movie…

  2. Wastage of money and time…

  3. Fully bakwaas

  4. Third class movie……

  5. Good movie, a treat to watch.

  6. Excellent heart touching story enjoyed the movie.

  7. Good movie, a treat to watch.

  8. such a boring movie total waste of time and money..!!

  9. such a boring movie total waste of time and money..!!

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