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Rangoon is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Our favourite Queen Ranaut as a fearless stunt woman/ performer, Shahid in an

Boring, baseless and of course, 'bloody hell'

Rangoon is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Our favourite Queen Ranaut as a fearless stunt woman/ performer, Shahid in an army uniform and Saif Ali Khan back on screen after such a long time. Also, Vishal Bharadwaj films are always something to be excited about anyway. The trailer was marvellous and the song releases kept alive our enthusisasm. However, after watching Rangoon today, we can safetly say, that all our enthusiasm was misplaced. The movie was nothing more than a scattered few scenes about many minor independent storylines forced together on screen. Vishal Bharadwaj may just as well have delivered his first ‘disaster’. Why shouldn’t you book a ticket? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors.

images (36)
Kangana Ranaut as Toofaan ki Beti

images (34)
Saif Ali Khan as Mr. Bigshot

images (35)
Shahid Kapoor as Jamadar Malik

Rangoon is a story set in the 1940s, when India was at the brink of its independence, and when Subhash Chandra Bose was on a mission to wage an armed war against the British. A war that would be fought by the newly created Indian National Army. On a completely unrelated note, Kangana Ranaut’s character is a rage in the cinema halls of Bombay. She is known by her screen name, Miss Julia and hopes to soon be Mrs. Billimoria. Mr. Billimoria, played by Saif Ali Khan, is the antagonist in this movie, who will do just about anything to keep his production house alive and attempt to look ruthless whilst doing the same. Additionally, Shahid Kapoor has to save Kangana from the Japanese.

We were just as annoyed by the glaring lack of contiguity in the script. If Vishal Bharadwaj wanted to make a triangular love story, with the backdrop of war, he could have done it easily without having to involve everything under the sun to his storyline. War is brutal and direct, we hoped that Rangoon could be too. Simply for the sake of artistic correlation.

Saif is throughly unconvincing as the scorned lover, as the ruthless cinema man, and as the sycophant of the British. He shouldn’t have taken up such a role. Even though, his character should have made the audiences blood boil, Saif is hardly even noticeable. His entire role seems negligible.

Kangana overacts. All the time. It becomes insufferable. We are big fans of the Queen, yet she couldn’t even begin to make us feel any sort of emotion throughout the movie. Her stint as a deadly stunt woman seemed more comical than anything else. This film was not one her best works. Priyanka Chopra or even a new face maybe, could have brought more life to ‘Miss Julia’

Shahid is the one person who seems even mildly in sync with the script. He acts well, he brings a certain power to the film. He is believable both as the army man and the innocent boy lost in a romance which is much stronger than what he could bear. Shahid will bring you some relief in this otherwise torturous 3 hour long movie (yes, it really is that long). The moment when he sings the national anthem is the one scene to watch in Rangoon. He also allows a chemistry between himself and Kangana which Saif Ali Khan failed miserably at.

The only thing good about this film is the cinematography and the realistic cinematic effects. Everything else is so vaguely presented and lacking in emotion that you wouldn’t even understand as to what the film maker was trying to ellicit.

Also, Vishal Bharadwaj has made a multi-genre film. Rangoon is neither a romance, nor a war movie, and not at all a thriller. If anything, it’s perhaps a musical and in some ways a melodramatic tragedy. Nevertheless, whatever it is, it is a poor attempt at what it was supposed to be. And it’s definitely painfully drawn out and very boring. It will take a lot of integrity to survive the first half of this film, to reach the second half, which begins to show some hint of a storyline.

Don’t catch Rangoon, it’s really not worth your weekend. If you are very curious about it, you can always just watch it on the television instead. I give it 2.5/5.

You will like this film if- You will watch just about anything simply because it’s not ‘commercial’ cinema

You will dislike this film if- You realise that a 3 hour long film needs to have 3 hours worth of content

Best performance- Shahid Kapoor


  1. Money waste movie…

  2. Wrost movie…

  3. One time watch movie..

  4. Bakwas movie..

  5. Absolute filth. Worst acting by all. No direction. Waste of money.

  6. Shahid, Kangana and Saif too have turned in brilliant performances!!

  7. Worst & money waste..

  8. One time watch movie…

  9. Dont watch this movie…boring movie…

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