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It’s already been a week since Passengers hit the screens in India, but it hits more screens today. This of course is

A spacey romance

It’s already been a week since Passengers hit the screens in India, but it hits more screens today. This of course is nothing but good news. Passengers is a sci-fi romance (A kind of cinema that we aren’t exactly used to), but it is much more than simple twirls in space and pretty faces on a space ship. The novelty of ‘Passengers’ lies in the depth of its simple yet thought provoking story. On the journey of life, are we at anytime at a destination? Are we not forever Passengers of the cosmos living only on the illusion of stability?

Academy Award winning director Morten Tyldum and Columbia Motion Pictures decided to clarify all our questions on existentialism with a simple film about love and life, while keeping alive a certain Hollywood charm in the production.

So is Passengers worth a watch? Is it for you? Find out.

First, Let’s meet the actors:

Jennifer Lawrence

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Chris Pratt

Passengers is set in a near future when earth is no longer sustainable for human kind. Some may choose to live aboard a planet waiting to near it’s catastrophe while others with a few dollar bills in their wallets can easily opt out of a life on earth. Big companies allow for space travel to newer inhabitable planets and all you need to do is pay a certain amount, buckle up and enjoy the ride on one of their exclusive space ships while in cryosleep. You will wake up on a new planet and be presented with new opportunities. A new life.

Chris Prat’s character however, is the victim of a technical failure. His cryo-pod breaks down and he wakes up far too early from the artificially induced slumber. With 90 years to go before he reaches the said planet, he realises that the duration of the journey may very well outlive the duration of his life. But sooner than he expected, he has Jennifer Lawrence for company.

The two have adventures together of galactic proportions. A romance riddled with adventure and difficulty. A titanic in space. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Jennifer Lawrence was phenomenal as ever in her role of the woman who yearned for adventure and fame but was given love instead. She is fierce, vulnerable, scared and morose all at the same time. Every scream and every dip in the galactic swimming pool is portrayed by JLaw as though she actually were travelling through time and space. She is the heart of the film.

Chris Pratt is a casting dream come true. No one could play the hopeless romantic, the humble mechanic better than him. The effortless way in which he puts across guilty sorrow to an innocent audience is a lesson for actors across all fora.

The story is refreshing and ambitious. The cinematography and special effects are phenomenal. The acting is stellar. The one thing that we couldn’t help but notice, was that the movie was grudgingly slow paced and that as it was essentially a romance film, it did not unveil any new aspects of that particular emotion and simply followed the traditional cinematic recipe. The one quality of Passengers that sets it apart though, is its depth of thought and the philosophical value that it presents. This of course is nothing short of brilliance.

If you are a romantic at heart, and if you yearn to watch something relaxing but poignant this weekend, then give Passengers a chance. It’s a pleasure to watch. I give it 3.5/5.

You will like this film if: You are a sci-fi film addict and also a bit of a romantic 

You will dislike this film if: You can’t stand expansive views of space and spaceships

Best performance: J-Law

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