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The Roshan clan is back with their latest production, Kaabil. After a slew of disappointments in his professional as well as personal

Melodramatic tragedy. Roshan style.

The Roshan clan is back with their latest production, Kaabil. After a slew of disappointments in his professional as well as personal life, Hritik Roshan tries once again to entertain us. His latest portrayal is that of a visually impaired man, who vows to take revenge from those who made his dark world, even darker. Simple story. All been done before.

So what makes Kaabil special? Does it qualify to take up two and a half hours of our precious weekend? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors-

images (25)
Hritik Roshan, once again as Rohan 

images (24)
Yami Gautam as ‘Su’

images (26)
Ronit Roy as the villain (obviously)

images (27)
Rohit Roy as the mini villain 

There are certain things we all expect from a Roshan film. Hritik looking strapping as ever, a dance sequence which leaves us spellbound and a cute heroine with pretty smiles and prettier dresses with whom Hritik falls head over heels in love. Kaabil delivers on all these fronts. It even goes on to bring some good action sequences to the screen. The acting is overdone as with any Hritik film, but that has somehow become acceptable over the years.

So why isn’t Kaabil being branded as phenomenal? Because it isn’t. Despite adding all the right ingredients to the script and direction, Kaabil lacks that ‘wow’ factor that we all experienced while watching Krrish or Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. But well, classics will be classics. It’s actually unfair to make comparisons. But Kaabil is also a good film to watch, just short of phenomenal.

The story follows Rohan (Hritik), a visually challenged, but very confident young man, who desires to live a normal life. He even goes ahead to find and profess his love to an amiable Yami Gautam. The two rely on each other to live a simple yet beautiful life. Dark clouds however, loom in the background of their sunny life. Suddenly, Hritik finds himself traumatised with the onslaught of horror that his beloved is subjected to. His mind seethes in rage, and he begins to contemplate revenge. But at a significant loss of physical ability, how will his plans for revenge come to fruition? This is the plot, crisp and dramatic. Leaving no stone unturned to churn the emotion out of the average Indian audience.

Hritik Roshan is over enthusiastic and innocent as ever. He plays the role of a visually handicapped man to the best of his ability and is suffiently convincing. The onus is on him throughout the length of the film, and he doesn’t allow a single dull moment. The usual dance sequence is there, where he dances with more jubilance in his eyes than in those of a three year old eating their first ice cream. As a criminal planning revenge, he could have done a better job. Dance, action and romance are all his strong suits, but playing a scheming mastermind isn’t necessarily his forté. That said, he doesn’t let us down.

Yami Gautam adds the necessary mellow warmth in this film that is almost always too charged with energy. She doesn’t at any time steal the show, but is a good addition to the film. She does the best she can in the limited role that she is provided with, and her portrayal of an independent visually impaired person is silent yet strong.

The one who takes the cake when it comes to acting though, is Ronit Roy. A corrupt Marathi politician hasn’t looked this menacing ever since Amitabh Bachchan acted in Sarkar. He is refined yet begrudgingly harassing at the same time. His performance adds a certain weight to the film, which is imperative in a storyline that focuses on revenge.

All in all, Kaabil will keep you on your feet throughout its duration. There will be moments of excitement, such as when Hritik and Yami feel a cool breeze of wind, from the top of a skyscraper. There are moments of dread, when you see Hritik utterly lost at the hands of a corrupt system and moments when you will feel like clapping at the scriptwriters’ ingenuity. The story is far fetched. The cinematography is poorly done and sugar coated to the hilt. The soundtrack really could have been better, but it isn’t necessarily bad. The acting is overdone. Kaabil also readily exploits the traditional Indian mindset in order to create an illusion of context. Yet, the film is worth a watch. After all, what other plans do you have for Republic Day. I give it 3.5/5.

You will love this film if- You are a die hard fan of Hritik or have a soft corner for dramatic sugar coated tragedies.

You will hate this film if- You go in for a testosterone boost or only enjoy dark indie flicks

Best performance- Ronit Roy

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  1. Aisha singh solanki

    Although I am a Big Hrithik Fan,But Kaabil Movie has same Rape & Revenge Concept like Aakhri Raasta & Ghajini,So Becomes Very Predictable,But in this Movie Blind man Fighting like an Expert looks too Fake although the Movie is Very Emotional ..nice reviews.

  2. Raees is going to loose this batter

  3. Right……………Very good movie…..Instead of wasting money

  4. fantastic movie….

  5. Great movie different and heart touching movie

  6. Timepass movie

  7. Yes Saw Kaabil…and very brilliantly made and super strong acting by Hrithik

  8. I disagree with you regarding the cinematography of the film. There’s a goldmine of nuances it picked up such as Hrithik’s finger tracing the platform or his heel tracing the steps. Especially the way it kept Hrithik in the shot’s center and blinded the audience to what was in front of him (and behind us) helped us connect with the character’s physical disability.

  9. But songs are super in this movie

  10. Right……………Very good movie…

  11. Kaabil is also Mindblowingly Fantastic Movie….

  12. Yes Saw Kaabil…and very brilliantly made and super strong acting by Hrithik

  13. Kaabil is certainly very good too !!

  14. songs are super in this movie

  15. The movie was really not that great, the show is brilliant though.

  16. Awesome movie…

  17. I watched kaabil..it’s great movie to watch..HR rocks..awesome acting…

  18. Kabil is the best movie…

  19. Excellent Movie. Thanks to Roshans and Director Sanjay for giving us best from Hrithik

  20. outstanding performance

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