7 Must Watch Films on Netflix

7 Must Watch Films on Netflix

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2017 has begun but sadly, the movies haven’t yet begun pounding us with their weekly onslaught. The raging success of ‘Dangal’ is still the only news that movie theaters want to tell. We can’t really expect the cinema to surprise us maybe until late January. So what do us movie lovers do? How do we do justice to our scheduled weekend entertainment sessions? It’s a chilly December, and evening outings seem more like a struggle than anything else.

Luckily, Netflix comes to the rescue. In case you don’t have Netflix, we suggest you get a subscription. If you do, read on and check out our witty recommendations.

Lincoln Lawyer

Almost everyone is in love with Matthew McConaughey, and his rugged stint in Lincoln Lawyer is a perfect treat for everyone who enjoys a good courtroom-drama. The Lincoln Lawyer portrays the legal system of America in a much more realistic light than most sit-coms and films do. It’s harsh and brutal and not swanky and easy going. In case you want to spend some time with your brain at work and your adrenalin pumping, we suggest you give Lincoln Lawyer a shot.

Begin Again

Begin Again is a romantic drama. But unlike the kind that Hollywood likes mass producing. It’s smart, subtle and realistic. A close look into the lives of struggling musicians and a fair look at the average independent girl who craves a decent relationship. Begin Again is a realistic look at the many facets of a relationship between millennials and the evolving definition of love in times where both partners are beginning to stand as equals. However, all this insight might not come to you as easily when Adam Levine decides to sing seductively on screen. If you want a sugar-free romantic drama, ”Begin Again” will be perfect for you.

The Big Short

The Economy and the complex workings of stocks and trade never seem to fall short of baffling most of us. The 2008 depression was a major googly in world economics. Not everyone actually understands how the financial crisis came to be, but no one turns down an opportunity to theorise and postulate. ”The Big Short”, with Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling and Brad Pitt shows us what really happened, or atleast the next most plausible explanation. It’s fun and well directed and a treat to watch, especially for commerce enthusiasts. In case you want to watch 4 attractive men talking intelligently about money and the world, we suggest you go for, ‘The Big Short’.


Boyhood is unlike any other film made in the history of cinema. Filmed over the entire childhood and youth (early and late) of a stunning actor, Boyhood tells us in the most artful and poetic way, what it is to be a boy in this crazy world. It’s beautiful, touching, enigmatic and insightful. If you are the kind who loves watching easy-going yet beautiful films on the subject matter of life, we urge you to witness Richard Linklater’s masterpiece.


Tallulah is a Netflix Original movie. Most of us saw Ellen Page last, with a large belly and a guitar starring in Juno. This time, you might want to watch her roam the streets with a baby instead. Tallulah is a take on the intrinsic human instinct to salvage a life. Whether it is our own life or that of another. It’s a beautiful film, a little on the melodramatic side, yet convincing. What happens when a hopeless youth decides to take on a hopeless responsibility? Let Ellen Page and Netflix tell you. If you want to spend some time witnessing what it is to be a mother, try Tallulah.


Taken was a wild success. But if Liam Neeson was the pioneer, can Hugh Jackman be far behind. Prisoners is a fast paced action thriller, which will rattle your brain and keep you on your feet throughout the length of the film. Like all good thrillers, you might find your self questioning the limits that cannot be crossed. Hugh Jackman is powerful and believable. The film might seem a little boring at first, but picks up quickly. A question will haunt you throughout the film, ”where are his daughters?”. Find out as ‘Prisoners’ promises to take you on a wild ride.


At last, why forget Bollywood. We all remember the Arushi murder case where the parents were suspects for the murder of their own daughter. Talvar is the right film to watch if you are still unsure of what actually happened. It is a very balanced and a very real depiction of the double murder mystery. In case you couldn’t catch it in the theaters, we suggest you take some time and watch it now.

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