March 24, 2018
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Movie Reviews

The Roshan clan is back with their latest production, Kaabil. After a slew of disappointments in his professional as well as personal life, Hritik Roshan tries once again to entertain us. His latest portrayal is that of a ...
Movie Reviews

Raees is here! After so many months of delays and uncertainty. Released on the eve of Republic Day, Raees has marketed itself just right over the past 5 months. There is much talk about King Khan’s latest stint ...
Movie Reviews

It’s already been a week since Passengers hit the screens in India, but it hits more screens today. This of course is nothing but good news. Passengers is a sci-fi romance (A kind of cinema that we aren’t ...
Witty Gold

2017 has begun but sadly, the movies haven’t yet begun pounding us with their weekly onslaught. The raging success of ‘Dangal’ is still the only news that movie theaters want to tell. We can’t really expect the cinema ...