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Disney is at work again. After ushering us into the new era of Disney princesses with Brave and Frozen, Disney attempts to

Disney at work again. Good film, but lacks some Disney magic.

Disney is at work again. After ushering us into the new era of Disney princesses with Brave and Frozen, Disney attempts to once again enthrall us with it’s new Polynesian adventure. The film is directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, and co-directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. The film is obviously centered on how a young girl discovers that she is full of power and destined to change the course of the world and make her family proud. The film is about the victory of good over evil and the staple Disney favourite which teaches us to ‘follow our heart’. All this we do know, but was the film as good as Frozen? Does Moana make our hearts dance with joy? Is it a fun-filled adventure for the entire family, or is it mainly for the toddlers and pre-schoolers? Read on.

First, let’s meet the actors:

Auli’i Carvalho as Moana

Dwayne ‘the rock’ Jhonson as Maui

What makes a good Disney film (which has managed to become a genre in itself by now)? A few foot-tapping songs. A princess who faces a strange or a brave new world and rises above the murk, thanks to her goodness and her strong will. A prince (a concept now slowly becoming secondary. Congratulations to feminism). A few monsters and a caring family. A lovable pet is also usually accommodated in the storyline. Moana has all these ingredients. It’s made with precision and care (as you can see by the flawless 3D animation). It’s fun and easy, but also boring and stretched at times. Sadly, Moana could not prove to be as wonderful as Frozen or Brave, but it is still a pleasant film to watch.

The story follows a young Polynesian girl, Moana who believes that the ocean calls out to her. It slowly becomes clear, that the ocean infact has chosen her to restore balance to all the island tribes by correcting an ancient mistake performed by a demi-god. Moana must seek this demi-god (Dwayne Jhonson), Maui and with his help, get rid of the ‘darkness’ that threatens her island tribe. It’s pretty straight forward, possibly inspired from Polynesian lore.

The film however, somehow couldn’t take off. All the ingredients were there. The necessary quirks and the innocent humor had been infused too. Yet, the film remained only moderately good. The issue was with the storyline, which wasn’t at all unpredictable and also the lack of foot-tapping tracks. After all, every Disney film at the heart of it, is a musical, and we need beautiful songs to be able to have fun.

Moana as a character was well written and well played. She is unlike any Disney princess we have ever known and seems absolutely too ordinary, but she still manages to catch the average girls’ imagination. Auli’i Carvalho has done a good job and so have the animation and VFX team.

Dwayne Jhonson plays the self-consumed demi-god Maui who is a friend and mentor to Moana. He is the hero of men and women, but not without his airs. It’s a refreshing new way to portray a demi-god, and we are pleasantly surprised. The character is in equal parts goofy and good. Dwayne Jhonson delivers a good voice-over and we can say, that surely, no one could have done it better.

All in all, its’ a well made Disney film, but it lacks some Disney magic. It will make your heart beat, but not thump with happiness It will seem slightly stretched and the songs are completely mediocre. The animations are very good. The view of the ocean will want you to take a beach holiday as soon as possible and Moana is a amicable new addition to the Disney princesses.

It can be watched by both adults and children. In case you must watch a film this weekend, you could watch Moana. Kahaani 2 isn’t too interesting either. In case you aren’t in the habit of watching animated films in theaters, I suggest that you could skip this one. I give it 3/5.

You will like this film if: You have been in love with Disney since forever

You will dislike this film if: You think animated films are children films that aren’t meant to be watched in theaters

Best performance: Auli’i Carvalho


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