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YRF is back in town with another love story. This time Aditya Chopra decided to cast Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in

Old desi wine in a new french bottle.

YRF is back in town with another love story. This time Aditya Chopra decided to cast Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor in a frivolous Parisian romance film. Aditya Chopra was hands on with this project. He has written, directed and produced ‘Befikre’ and even through the promotions, has stayed very attached to the film. ‘Befikre’ is about a frantic couple of dizzy lovers who as always, are unsure of the course that their overpowering love will take.

It’s the same old Yash Raj plot. Watching all these films, that can only be credited with being ‘DDLJ remixes’ has now left us bored and a little annoyed. However, in his own way, Aditya Chopra has tried to put a tangible twist to his basic love story by shifting from Switzerland to Paris. Did it work? Keep reading.

Let’s meet the actors:

Ranveer Singh

Vaani Kapoor 

‘Befikre’ is all fun and dancing and cheesy-love scenes, a few shades predictable and a few shades outrageous. The story follows the hook-up and break-up of our two lead stars. Ranveer is the vernacular Delhi boy and Vaani a carefree hot French girl (with Indian parents of course, to kindle the NRI audience’s feelings). Is it a match made in heaven, or a disaster waiting to happen?

To complement, this extremely weak story-line, Aditya Chopra has created diversions in the film. Right from exploiting the enchanting beauty of Paris, to adding spicy dance sequences, that are otherwise unnecessary, the director makes sure that you are not reminded of how boring the film actually is. Ranveer Singh’s antics have been overdone and there will not be five continuous minutes where our hero does not crack a joke. Vaani Singh is herself a distraction. Her recent experiments with plastic surgery (even though she denies it), have left her facial features less than appealing.

The major issue though, is not the cheesy humour or the lack of any heavy emotion, or even the unbearable over-emphasis on the cinematography; but simply the pathetically weak plot. Watching a dog chase after a stick is a more unpredictable story than the one that Befikre has. Right from their meet-cute to the obvious announcement of a wedding, everything is horrendously cliche’d and foreseeable. Like sitting through all the boring ceremonies of a stretched out Indian wedding.

Ranveer Singh does his level best to keep the film alive. He spins, thrills and and jives like a jack-in-the-box. His character has the gift of the gab and he is your average sparkly-eyed bad boy. Ranveer Singh honestly, is the best thing about ‘Befikre’. He goes all out (quite literally) just to keep the humour alive. However, his acting did not seem considerably matured since his last few films. His growth as an actor lay attenuated, if not stunted by ‘Befikre’.

Vaani Kapoor only adds the necessary female element in the film. Her acting isn’t all that bad but it really could have been much better. She portrays a French girl who isn’t a big believer in commitments when it come to relationships and just wants to have some frivolous fun. Everything about her character seems forced and stone cold, like a fashion mannequin. The one thing that she did excel in however, were the dance sequences. She was graceful, elegant and hot all at the same time in a dance-off (yes, the film was that cliche’d) and extremely acrobatic. Not a memorable performance though.

Befikre is not really worth your time. It’s going to be just as boring on TV as it will be in a theater. Even for all the die-hard Ranveer Singh fans, it’s not worth a cinema ticket. Aditya Chopra couldn’t have made anything less inspiring. The cinematography was over-emphasized, the screenplay and plot weren’t at all compelling. The only thing that was on fleek were the sound tracks. Instead of booking a film ticket, how about you download Arijit Singh’s music from the same film off the web and listen to it on repeat. We dare you. I give it 2/5.

You will like this film if: Your all time favourites include Baar Baar Dekho, Shaandaar

You will dislike this film if: You just can’t stand romance, kissing, etc…

Best performance: Ranveer Singh


  1. Rajesh singh Rajput

    Wow nice movie.accellente.

  2. Vaani kapoor looks like man in this movie ..

  3. Cheap and frustating movie.

  4. wasted my hard earned money on this.

  5. Awesome movie..

  6. One time watch movie…

  7. Ranveer looking fab…..

  8. Worst Movie.. Nothing original same old story Yashraj banner.

  9. Rajput Upasna Singh

    I didn’t have the option of giving 2 stars else I would definitely have. Vani looks crap! Disgusting! I actually have no words to describe how ugly she looks she has no charm. Terrible movie. I feel sad for Ranveer

  10. worst movie ever.. please don’t waste your weekend by watching this movie.

  11. Good for people if they wish to see Paris on screen.

  12. Ranveer ws excellent , direction is good , vani is gus acting wise but looks yucks

  13. Horrible Movie. Really a waste of time. The first half was still a little better, however the second half was just abysmal. Both of the actors have done a really bad job. I am a personal fan of Ranveer Singh however he really disappointed in this movie.

  14. One time watch movie..

  15. Wastage of money and time

  16. Awesome movie…

  17. Vanni kapoor is looking like a bold girl in this movie…

  18. Full of entertainment…

  19. Paisa vasool movie…Must watch..

  20. One time watch movie…

  21. Awesome movie..

  22. Vanni act like a bold girl…

  23. In this movie..not a story…

  24. This movie is beautiful it’s classy. songs are amazing.

  25. Good watch.. Nothing new

  26. I still feel her best is yet to come. Good Luck!

  27. Worst Movie.. Nothing original same old story

  28. story is boring……vaani is looking cute.

  29. Vaani kapoor looks like man in this movie …. Ranveer romancing man in this movie not worth it..

  30. So very true. It is a shocker considering it came from Aditya Chopra. A cheap and sleazy movie meant for front benchers!!

  31. Total wastage of time and money , i don”t like this movie…

  32. More worst…

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