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Movie Reviews

A long time ago in this very galaxy, George Lucas created the first of its kind, space opera. That was almost four decades ago. The film was about a group of warriors called the Rebel Alliance, who took ...
Witty Gold

Machinist (2004) A Machinist is someone who uses tools to make parts of machines. The ‘Machinist’, however is a film about a patient of chronic insomnia for spirals between dreams, hallucinations, reality, paranoia and insanity (No, I do ...
Movie Reviews

Bajirao Mastani is finally here. It’s a period romance drama. The film is directed and produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and the screenplay is adapted from historical texts written by notable Indian historians. Sudeep Chaterjee has been credited ...
Movie Reviews

Dilwale is the year end Shah Rukh Bonanza. The film is a romantic musical drama action comedy (They could have just said, every genre you can imagine). It’s directed by Rohit Shetty; the director of Golmaal (the many ...